About Hands On PT

Physical Therapist /Owner

Kaye Fox graduated from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She has 30 years of experience specializing in manual therapy techniques, combining several different techniques to assess your problem. I started my own practice so that I could treat people to the best of my ability .

How We Can Help You

Some of the techniques that are combined in a treatment session are Cranial Sacral Rhythm, Myofascial Release, Cranial techniques and Visceral Techniques. The body is assessed as a 3D model incorporating the cranium, viscera, muscles and joints. Exercises are given as a home exercise program.

See the Difference

A session is an hour long with a physical therapist focusing on your individual symptoms. Documentation is done after the session and the most often you are seen is once a week.  Treating the colon may help low back pain. The skull can help with neck or knee symptoms. Restrictions in the bladder can help release the hips.