Jociline's Testimonial

"My name is Joceline and I am 20 years old and I have had back and nerve problems for about 4 years and it was very painful the nerves in my neck and lower back making it very difficult for me to function and live an everyday life comfortably. My leg would go numb as well as my arm and my hand. I had trouble sleeping, as well as tossing and turning. I couldn’t work out. It was difficult standing for long hours and I felt uneasy all the time. So, I started going to Hands On Physical Therapy because a friend actually recommended it to me and it was the best decision I made in my life. Umm, because right now I’m completely recovered actually graduated in just a little over 2 months and I was completely recovered. I started to see results after the first visit and now I no longer have to go because I am completely recovered. Umm, no leg pain, I can stand, I can sleep, amazing. I can work out and I can enjoy the everyday things that I used to be able to enjoy and so I am very thankful for Hands On Physical Therapy has been such a blessing and I am so thankful for Kaye Fox."

Cal's Testimonial

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease, commonly called COPD. I have difficulty breathing. The doctor says because I can't totally exhale I have a limited amount of oxygen I can take in when I inhale. My chest over the years has become very rigid.
My wife suggested I visit a friend of hers, Kaye. So I visited Kaye. I was a bit reluctant, because I really wasn't sure, but I gave it a try. So, what Kaye did was, she manipulated the cartilage and the tissue around the rib cage which gave me great expansion when I breath and when I relax. So with that being done, Kaye Thanks!

More Testimonials

Wendy F, Normandy Park, WA impressed...

"Wow,  so impressed with Kaye’s skills!! I am a hairstylist, so of course I  always have problems with my hands and wrist. I thought for sure I was  suffering from carpal tunnel when I started experiencing a burning  sensation in my wrists. It was so painful that it kept me up at night. I  went to see Kaye and after only 3 sessions, I am now pain free!! Yay! "  

Sean D., Bellevue, WA

...pain free for the first time in 8 years...

A  surgeon wanted to reconstruct my old throwing shoulder. Two other  surgeons suggested two other types of surgery. I tried several months of  physical therapy which helped some. It got to a point where the pain  was tolerable as long as I didn't throw overhand, or take too much of a  divot on the golf course. After 45 minutes with Kaye Fox, my shoulder is  pain free for the first time in 8 years. I'm not afraid to take a big  hack on the golf course, and I'm so looking forward to throwing the ball  around with my 2 month old son in a couple years. My eyes tear up just  thinking about it. 

Wanda D, Auburn, WA

...Positive healing results...

I’ve seen Kaye for treatment of various physical ailments off and on for the past seventeen years or so. In that time, several other therapists have treated me, and none of them have given me such a positive healing result as Kaye. I love the way she sees the whole body and doesn’t just focus on treating one area. She is skilled, caring and compassionate. Her friendly manner makes me completely comfortable and at ease.

Teresa W, Bellingham, WA

...It was like magic...

I  absolutely trust Kaye's judgment and skill, as she has demonstrated to  me over the past twenty years. In my first encounter, she successfully  treated in two appointments the lower back pain that I had had for the  prior twenty-five years. It was like magic. I had seen many  physicians and physical therapists before seeing her and they hadn't  been able to give me any long-term relief. When I have had new problems  that weren’t being effectively treated locally (I used to live in Alaska  and now live in Bellingham), I have traveled to see her. In each  instance she has been able to end the pain and restore me to full  movement. For example, she recently unfroze a frozen shoulder although  my local physical therapist gave me limited hope and was causing  me great pain. Traveling the distance has always been worth it. 

Kelley D, Auburn, WA

...Kaye is the best...

Recently, for the first time in my life I was troubled with bad headaches. I consulted with my primary care physician and with an E.N.T. specialist. I endured a cat scan and an MRI. No explanation of my malady was forthcoming and I was encouraged to take Tylenol as necessary. If I wanted they could run more tests. At the time I was seeing Kaye for treatment of a swollen and painful knee. I told her about the headaches and she worked on that for two sessions. The result was a complete elimination of my headache pain! I haven’t suffered another incidence since. Kaye is the best!

Ron C, Juneau, Alaska.

...a miracle worker...
About  15 years ago I was hearing stories from friends that they had  experienced remarkable relief for various ailments and pains from Kaye  Fox. Having suffered for 30 years with debilitating “lower back strain”  that several orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and  the family doc could not fix, I went one day after work to see Kaye.The  result was truly amazing for me. I could barely balance myself to walk  or ride my bike afterwards. I felt like a noodle. I hadn’t experienced  such release and freedom from pain in memory.  "So this is what no back  pain feels like", I remember thinking. I remain pain free 15 years now.
I know it’s probably an exaggeration, but I call Kaye a miracle worker.