Cranial Techniques

Picture of uneven eyes before cranial techniques.

First Image is before treatment with right eye recessed and symptoms of blurry vision and headache. Cranial Techniques involve treatment of the cranial bones and joints for help with symptoms of headaches, ringing in ears and jaw pain.

Cranial Techniques

Picture of even eyes following cranial techniques.

Second image is after Cranial Techniques. The eyes are level and patient is able to focus better and her headache is gone. Balancing of the skull can affect cervical (neck) spine, shoulders, low back and legs.

Myofascial Release

Picture of the fasica on a piece oc chicken.

Gentle manual techniques used to relieve muscle pain resulting from abnormally tight fascia, a thin layer of tissue covering the muscle fibers (as seen on this piece of chicken) which are located throughout the body. People sometimes describe symptoms as a burning sensation.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Image of a leg demonstrating Muscle Energy  techniques.

Involves the patient making small contractions that reset the gogli tendon organ back to it's default position, in the joint can move back into a healthier position.

Cranial Sacral Rhythm

Image demonstrating cranial sacral rhythm.

A technique that corrects the cerebrospinal fluid that flow around the crnium/skull from the head, along the spine and into the sacrum/low back.

Visceral Techniques

Image demonstrating visceral techniques.

Organ-specific fascial mobilization uses soft directed forces to encourage normal mobility of the organs.

Intra Oral Techniques


Techniques done to the soft tissue and joints in the mouth that can help with jaw pain and can indirectly help the neck and shoulders.

Strain Counterstrain Techniques


A techniques that uses passive body positioning of shortened muscles and ligaments toward positions of comfort or tissue ease that compress or shorten the restricted structure.

Lymphatic Drainage

Picture demonstrating lympatic drainage techniques.

These techniques use very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body which will improve the natural drainage of the lymph

Finding the right physical therapist

Video describing what to look for in a physical therapist.